Good News

Thank You Carthage Community Foundation Spring 2021

Funding for music students and communication for arts in Carthage.

The Carthage Community Foundation awarded 16 agencies a total of $61,125 in May 2021. Carthage Council on the Arts is proud to be among the awardees. The funds provided will allow the Council on the Arts to provide additional services to the art community in Carthage with piano scholarship assistance and increased art communication efforts in the community. 

Piano Scholarship Assistance is an exciting new opportunity coming to Carthage this fall. This program was developed by past president, Robert Denning, to provide emerging talents with an opportunity to pursue additional lessons. The funding will work in cooperation with local music teachers to assure that students can pursue their musical interests and attend regional workshops to improve their skills while minimizing the economic strain of those pursuits. The assistance fund granted by Carthage Community Foundation will be matched with Carthage Council on the Arts donations to provide a significant impact in performance training to Carthage talent. 

The Art Communication funds will be matched by labor and talent from the Carthage Council on the Arts Board of Directors to provide better promotions of art in Carthage. The program will support website design and technology for a website for Carthage Council on the Arts. The website will support local art partners and organizations to highlight art events, art places, and art history in Carthage. A portion of the funds will directly support individual artists by paying a fair wage for blog posts, photography, and additional content used on the site. Carthage Council on the Arts is also working with media to provide workshops that will train artists, performers, businesses, and nonprofits to better promote their efforts through media relations, and the new website will also host a catalog of musicians, performers, artists, and other talents that are available for hire in Carthage. 

If you have additional ideas to support and promote art in Carthage, please contact us to reach out!